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 Margaret O’Brien’s revealing chapter

Margaret is one of the most popular, talented  actresses ever.

Photo  above was taken in her bedroom with a a huge woolly Panda

from the Manager of the Stevens Hotel in Chicago

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   Report Cards and written tests for many child Stars 

plus actual test results, Test papers, Book Reports, etc., such as Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Deanna Durbin, Peggy Ryan, Betty Jaynes, Frieda Starr,  Gene Reynolds, Janice Chambers, John Walsh, etc.

        Teacher/Principal correspondence, photos, newspaper articles,  “Regulations governing the employment of minors in the Motion Picture Industry”, student letters, to The Board of Education, Transcript of some students from previous schools, letters, post cards from students, 

About Don Rowley, author


Don is the nephew of Mary MacDonald who was the Teacher/Principal at the MGM Movie  Studios for 32 years. Thanks to her saving these many records this book and extra info is available. Don’s short bio is published in the book.

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martha Jones


I am so grateful for Mary to have saved all this info. I almost feel guilty for leaning some of these secrets. It is kinda like opening their Diary.

Shawn parker


Great book. I enjoyed reading the untold stories about some of my favorite actors. Seeing their test paper scores shows that they were like me. I was surprised to see that Mickey Rooney never graduated from high school and that Judy Garland was very smart.

Jessica Sanders


It was interesting reading the book about their school days, grades and hobbies. I am looking forward to seeing the new additions that will be added on the website.


Jane Donovan


When I read both the eBook and the paperback from Amazon and saw this link in the book to learn “The rest of the Story”, I was very excited to continue seeing the many secrets of these movie stars.when they were young. It is like being their classmate, or reading their diaries. It just keeps coming, Thanks for this CONTINUING information. Thanks for this website for your seemingly endless information and thanks to Mary for saving her history. Thank you so much for giving it to me…


This website is my gift to those who purchased  my eBook or  paper back .

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