Kay Brown

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Kay Brown was born as Mary Catherine Dagley. She was an actress, known for The Strip (1951), The Cruel Tower (1956) and Riddles in Rhythm (1956). She has been married to Brent Wood since 1970. She was previously married to Maynard Ferguson.

In 1958, the “Blue Fairy” was one of the earliest Chicago children’s show produced in color (WGN-TV, Channel 9.) Appearing in a blue gown, diamond tiara, and clasping a silver wand, Bazlen, suspended by wires, would fly across the small television stage, lip syncing “I’m the Blue Fairy, I’ll grant you a wish, to make all your dreams come true…” She then introduced stories enacted by the Rufus Rose Marionettes. It was a short-lived fantasy series, but it inspired at least one Ernie Kovacs sight gag. It was a direct take-off of the Blue Fairy opening, with a Kovacs twist. Mustachioed cigar-chopping Kovacs in blue gown, blond wig, holding a silver wand flew across the stage, slamming headfirst into a wall on the opposite side, then, still suspended by the fly wire, dangled lifeless.
Signed to an exclusive contract by M-G-M Studios, in 1961, where she appeared in only three films: King of Kings (1961), The Honeymoon Machine (1961) and How the West Was Won (1962).
Discovered at the age of seven, when she was seen by an executive from NBC while waiting for the school bus in front of her house.
The daughter of Arthur Bazlen, a retail chain executive, and Maggie Daly, a Chicago newspaper columnist.
At age fifteen was touted as “the next Elizabeth Taylor”. While under contract at MGM, she was promoted in a publicity campaign as “the new American Bardot”.
She was thirteen years old when she starred as the Blue Fairy (1958) on WGN.

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